A No-Code Solution to get Market Data directly to your Excel File | by Nikhil Adithyan | CodeX | Nov, 2021

Stop tiring yourself programming while there is no-code

Nikhil Adithyan
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TABLE OF CONTENTS:1. Introduction
2. Getting market data directly to your Excel file:
Installing the Excel Add-In
API key registration
Extracting Historical or End-of-day stock data
Extracting Fundamentals data
Closing Notes

The first and foremost step of this process is to install the EOD Historical Data’s Excel Add-In for historical market data and fundamental data. All you have to do is to click the link here and the installation will start automatically.

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Extracting Historical or End-of-day stock data

To extract the historical data of stocks, we have to first navigate to the Get historical data option under the Commands group. After selecting it, a new separate window pops up which looks like this:

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