PHP Tutorial

PHP is the abbreviation of Hypertext Pre-Processing which is a famous and mostly used programming language these days. It provides you an opportunity to create a dynamic content for your responsive website with the help of an interactive database. It is famous because its structure, coding and deployment process is very easy and convenient.

After going though this complete tutorial, you will be able to know the proper syntax, examples, use and applications of PHP language. Also you will get all the useful knowledge from basic level to advance level. You will also be able to share some ready-to-run code snippets for beginners on your website or page.

What is PHP Language?

PHP is actually a server side scripting language that is basically designed for web based software’s. As it is an interpreted language which means it doesn’t needs a compiler for its working. Moreover, its an open-source free language which you can easily download on your desktops.

  • Firstly, its syntax is like C language.
  • It is very much powerful for the largest content management system WordPress.
  • Very much helpful for the Cs and IT students to learn a popular and most useful language.
  • PHP Language is integrated with many databases like Oracle, Informix, MySQL, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • It also support many major protocols like IMAP, LDAP and PHP4 etc.

Why PHP only?

  • PHP Language is normally compatible with all the servers and can be easily run on different platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix etc.
  • Its totally free. you can easily Download it from its official source:
  • The server it uses are IIS, Apache etc.
  • The execution speed of PHP Language is very much faster than any other Programming Language.
  • It can handle multiple files with proper error handling technique.

Advantages of PHP Language

  • PHP Language is very simple and efficient to use for.
  • PHP can encrypt your data and also used to control user-access.
  • Another major advantage of using PHP Language is that it can collect form data with sending and receiving cookies.
  • In PHP you don’t need to be bounded with HTML. In fact, you can also gets an output of XHTML or XML.
  • It helps you to generate unique content with all editing properties like create, open, read and write files etc.

Prerequisites of PHP Language

These are the important things means languages you need to know before learning this Language which are:

  • As we have already covered all the topics related PHP language in this tutorial but before that you must have a basic knowledge about HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • These are some important languages you need to know before starting this tutorial.

Famous Applications of PHP Language

  • PHP can be used for common line scripting to perform different operations on any type of machine.
  • It can be easily used to create many web applications which you normally used like Facebook, Digg, Magento, WordPress and many more.
  • It can conveniently used to build emails and to easily integrate Facebook plugins in your website.