C# Tutorial

C# Introduction

C# is a general-purpose object-oriented programming language which is created by Microsoft. Approved by International Standards Organization (ISO) and European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA).

C# basically enables developers to build many types of safe and secure applications that run in the .NET ecosystem. C# is developed by Anders Hejlsberg within the .NET framework for Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). C# syntax is given in the next section.


Features of C#

  • Useful in developing device applications, windows, and the web.
  • It makes it impossible to perform unchecked type casts because is a type-safe programming language.
  • C# Provides automatic memory management by clearing unused objects.
  • Considered as the modern programming language, simple for building applications.
  • Provides a structured and extensible approach for error detection and recovery.

Advanced Features of C#

  • C# Perform Automatic Garbage Collection.
  • Have its own standard library.
  • It has Easy-to-use Generics and Boolean Conditions.
  • Supports both user-defined value types and reference types.
  • Provides a structured and extensible approach to error detection and recovery.
  • Have Lambda Expressions which supports functional programming techniques.
  • Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) syntax creates a common pattern for working with data from any source.