C++ Tutorial

This tutorial has been prepared for all types of learners whether they are a novice and want to start from scratch or for those who want to learn advanced concepts in C++.

In this tutorial, it has been considered that the reader has knowledge about computer programs and programming languages.  If you are not aware of the computer programs and computer programming languages then please read this tutorial first. You will also be able to compile and run your code using an online compiler. In most cases, the online compiler is embedded in the page and you can directly compile there.

We start the tutorial by setting up the compiler for C++ codes so that you can also compile codes on the computer when you are offline. Then we will learn the structure of the C++ program and basic elements comprising the typical C++ program.  We will learn the arithmetic operations, conditional statements, loops, functions and structures which are the fundamentals of the C++ programming language. In advance features of C++, we will discuss the Object oriented programming. The object oriented programming consists of four pillars; Encapsulation, Data hiding, Inheritance and Polymorphism.  We will also learn file handling and other advanced concepts.

How to become a good programmer

If you want to become a good programmer then you have to follow some strategies, which are summaries below.

  1. Passion: Becoming a good programmer takes time of the life and for this purpose you must have passion.
  2. Paper work: Paper work is necessary to make logic and decisions. It is recommended that first of you write the codes on the paper, look for the bugs and errors and when the code is ready then write in editor and compile the code.
  3. Time: if you want to become an excellent programmer then you will have to give few hours daily to the language.
  4. Practice: You can not learn any programming language and can not become a good programmer, if you do not practice the codes. You should compile the example codes and then think for the related tasks, write the codes and compile.