Angular 13 datatable example with pagination sorting filtering

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a table with pagination, sorting, and filtering using datatables in an Angular 13 application. Step 1: Create a new Angular 13 app To get started, open your terminal and run the following command to create a new Angular 13 app: Step 2: Install jQuery and Datatables plugins … Read more

Creating an Azure Machine Learning Workspace and Datastores using Bicep

This article explains how to create an Azure Machine Learning Workspace and Datastores using Bicep. Azure Machine Learning is a cloud service that accelerates and manages the machine learning project lifecycle. The core components of the Azure Machine Learning service include the Workspace, Managed Resources, Linked Services, Assets, and Dependencies. To create an Azure Machine … Read more

How to Download Multiple Files with JavaScript

While working with PSPDFKit for Web, you may find yourself needing to download multiple files from a server — perhaps to merge documents in a document operation, or to create multiple image annotations. Since the corresponding API methods require that you pass the data of these files — passing their URLs isn’t enough — you … Read more

Using SSL for PostgreSQL Connections on Elixir

In this post, I’ll describe our approach to correctly forcing SSL verification when establishing PostgreSQL DB connections from an Elixir application, which we did as a way of adding an additional security layer to our DB to prevent threats such as spoofing. What we thought was a trivial task actually ended up needing a lot … Read more

A love letter to software engineering | by Oskar uit de Bos | CodeX | Jan, 2022

My perspective on why I love software engineering, what makes a great software engineer and the career choices I made. Photo by NEXT Academy on Unsplash Being a software engineering is the greatest career there is. Period. Combining aspects of engineering by using battle-tested best-practices, approaches, and frameworks with the beauty of art by creating … Read more

Building a Tech Start-up With No Money | by Prajix | CodeX | Jan, 2022

Arguably the most prominent problem developers run into when creating a project is lack of funding. The second most common reason start-up companies fail is running out of money. About 29% of start-up companies in the U.S. are going out of business because of a lack of funds. Luckily, there are ways to maneuver around … Read more

Guide to Apache ShardingSphere’s Operating Modes

In Apache ShardingSphere 5.0.0 GA version, we added the new concept Operating Mode and provided three configuration methods: Memory, Standalone, and Cluster. Why does ShardingSphere provide these operating modes? What are the differences between them in actual development scenarios? This article is a guide for you to better understand ShardingSphere’s new operating modes. Background: Distributed … Read more

Successful Microservice Architecture | by Connor Butch | Medium

How to succeed when designing real-time systems involving synchronous calls. src Synchronous calls are something you should avoid. They decrease availability, increase latency, and have other drawbacks. AWS has a builder’s library article in which they describe the difficulty of operating synchronous systems: At the… most difficult end of the spectrum, we have hard real-time … Read more