How to Enhance your Problem-Solving Skills as a Developer | by Prajix | CodeX | Nov, 2021


Web development is all about creating seamless solutions to unique problems. There is no end to this. Eventually, no matter how far along you are in your career, you will come across new and evolving problems that force you to question everything you know about coding up to that point. Roadblocks are inevitable, so here are some reminders from our team to approach your toughest problems.

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Explain it out loud

It becomes easier to understand where things went wrong when you can see the entire problem laid out right in front of you. By drawing a diagram or explaining it aloud, you will begin to understand it better and figure out the next logical step to the solution.

Divide it into smaller problems

Trying to solve the whole problem in one shot can lead to headaches and other problems down the road. Make your life easier by divvying it up into smaller tasks. Over time things will become more orderly and finally begin to straighten themselves out. This also helps you fine-tune your code to prevent new bugs from arising in the future.

Practice different kinds of problems

It doesn’t make sense to get comfortable with just one programming language, platform, or method of execution. By stepping outside of your comfort zone and practicing in areas that seem unfamiliar to you, you are expanding your skillset and gaining valuable experience that can translate into more intuitive thinking and more rewarding results.

Ask for help

Chances are, you’re not the first person ever to run into the problem you’re facing at the moment. Thousands — if not millions — of coders before you have probably had similar experiences to the one that’s making you tear your hair out right now, so don’t hesitate to reach out to those with more experience when you’re at your wit’s end. This is what online communities are for; because the chances are that one day you’ll see a young intern have to scale the same mountains as you did when you were first starting and feel inclined to give them some helpful advice.

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