Ten Simple Tech Project Ideas to Get Started On | by Prajix | CodeX | Dec, 2021


When you can’t seem to think of the next mind-blowing idea for a new project, it’s often helpful to go back to square one. Working on simple side projects helps you hone your skills, develop new insights, and master new applications, concepts, and programming languages. We compiled a list of simple project ideas that you can use to practice in your spare time with hopes that it might get your creative gears turning again. Most of these ideas already exist and are used in different variations every day, but knowing how to create these systems from start to finish can help you remember a few basic concepts you might’ve stored away since your freshman year CS curriculum.

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Finance tracker: You can go in plenty of different directions here. You can engineer an expense tracker, a tax calculator, or anything that helps keep your finances under surveillance. You could implement personalized algorithms that alert you to any hazardous/suspicious activity.

Data Privacy System: This is a fundamental cybersecurity exercise that can help you in any field of software development. Classify different sets of data by agent so you can more accurately detect where a breach is located. See https://nevonprojects.com/improved-data-leakage-detection/

Feedback mining: Engineer an application that scans an organization’s social media/online accounts for positive or criticizing comments. You’ll need to create a database that recognizes various keywords and categorizes them based on reinforcing or negative context. This program should compare the context of the comments to the keywords in the database. See https://nevonprojects.com/opinion-mining-for-social-networking-site/

Calorie tracker: Build a simple system where you can log in all of your different meals for the day, random snacks, and keep data about how your eating habits change over time.

Cocktail generator: Having people over at your place this weekend but don’t know how to make anything more complicated than a rum and coke? Build a tool that takes account of your alcoholic drinks and other ingredients to find the perfect cocktail recipe to impress your friends so they can inevitably ask you for beer in a can instead.

Communication system: This could be any program used to send messages/documents back and forth. You can start with an FTP client, a chatroom, etc.

Mini-games: Try creating engines for simple games like chess or checkers by using a programming language that you’d like to practice more. For a great example of a chess algorithm, check out Stockfish!

Melody generator: For musicians out there, find a way to randomly generate harmonic melodies using simple recording applications on your computer. These don’t have to be classical symphonies (unless you’re really ambitious). You can record 8-note scales and design an engine that can rearrange them, change the timing, etc., to create new melodies.

Recipe generator: Everyone needs to learn how to cook sooner or later in life; you can’t eat cereal for every meal. Try to design a generator in a programming language of your choice that can take a list of random ingredients and then search the web for meals you can make.

Christmas gift AI shopping system: It’s that time of year again where we show our friends and loved ones how much they mean to us for $20 or less. If you’re stumped for ideas, maybe your comp-sci skills can help. Create a multi-agent AI system that accounts for personality traits, favorite movies, music, books, or anything you think might help, and then have it search the web to find the perfect gift!

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