What Programming Language to Begin with in 2022? | by Muataz Attaia | CodeX | Dec, 2021

The ultimate guide for beginners

Muataz Attaia
Photo by AltumCode on Unsplash

Ok, so you have heard frequently that programming is a crucial and useful skill for the coming decades. You may even have decided to become a full-time or part-time software developer. Regardless of your motive to learn to program, the first question is always how do I start? and which programming language do I choose? In this article, I will lead you to the answer and provide you with resources to start. Let’s go!

The first thing to consider is your goal and motivation. Where do you want to go with the language you are learning? Will you be in web development? Then you may start with something like JavaScript or PHP. Maybe you want to become an AI or data geek? Then Python could be the best choice for you. What if you want to be a cross-platform mobile app developer? If so, go with a framework like Flutter (built on Dart language) or React Native (built on JavaScript).

Note: If you’re not familiar with frameworks, consider it an extension for a programming language. Just for now ?.

Whatever your goal is, find the best language or framework in that field and pursue it. I provided an extensive guide for each language in the resources below¹. Another point, remember to consider the languages demanded in the job market where you want to work. For this, just go ahead and read jobs descriptions.