Why You Should Stop using Google Chrome NOW | by Carl Marino | Dec, 2021

Carl Marino
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

In 2021 63% of people use Chrome as their browser. So you would assume it’s the best option, right? No, it’s not, and here is why.

The first thing I’m going to mention is something not everyone cares about even though they should, Chrome is extremely privacy-invasive. It might at first seem convenient that your Google browser connects to your Google account which connects with your Google phone and if you have a Chromebook it also connects to your laptop. This is cool but for all these free services you are not the customer, you are the product.

Google is one of the biggest ad companies on the internet and they do anything to make the ads you get more personalized and to make sure that they get the highest click rate out of you. In early 2021 Google proposed an ad system named Floc to replace their previous system of giving each user a unique id to putting the ad targeting directly into the browser. The idea behind it was that the user was put into certain categories according to their interests. This was not only an attempt by Google to monopolize the ad space by forcing everyone to use Google’s Floc, but it was also an attempt to make ad tracking more accurate because the trackers wouldn’t only be built into some sites they would be built into the browser. Fortunately, other browsers rejected the idea and the only browser with Floc is Google Chrome.

I personally recommend brave which not only has its code open for anyone to see but also has an adblocker built-in and is based on chromium which is the same thing chrome is based on. Some might argue I can install my own ad blocker and have the same functionality. That is true for now but at end of 2022 Google will remove all chrome extensions using Manifest V2.

Manifest V2 is the second version of the API that is used to create Chrome Extensions. Unfortunately, Manifest V2 has reached the end of life and will be fazed out by Google at the end of 2022. Starting at the beginning of 2022 all extensions submitted to the Chrome Web Store will have to use Manifest V3. The problem of Manifest V3 is that it prevents extensions from blocking scripts and requests before the websites load therefore making adblocker close to ineffective. Brave on the other hand has the ad blocker built into the browser and therefore doesn’t have to go through the Chrome Web Store.

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