Java Applet

Java Applet is a Java code that can be run in web browser. Java Applet uses complete Java API to create Java Applications that can perform any task at client side. These applets work as web pages inside browsers that can create dynamic data. An applet is similar to a java class. It extends from … Read more

Java Networking

Java Networking is the mechanism of sharing data among one of or more computing devices by creating networks. In order to share resources or data among multiple computing devices, Java Socket programming is used. The J2SE APIs provides package. This package has all the classes and interfaces needed to create connections through low level … Read more

Java AWT

Java AWT stands for Abstract Window Toolkit. It is Java API that is used to create Graphical User Interface GUI in platform independent environment. Java AWT is used to create window based applications in Java language. Java AWT components are platform-dependent that means the components are displayed according to the view of OS. AWT is … Read more

Java Events

An event is defined as the change in the state of object. Java Events control the change in the state of object in GUI (Graphical User Interface) programming. Events occur when front end user interacts on GUI level of the system. For example, an event is generated when user clicks on a button, scrolls the … Read more

Java Reflection

Java Reflection is an API. This API is used to examine or modify the run time behavior of a class, method or interface. This scenario is called Java Reflection. The packages that provide tools for Java Reflection are java.lang and java.lang.reflect packages. These packages further contain the classes like java.lang.Class. This class contains methods that … Read more

Java Sending Email

Java programming language allows its users to send emails using the program. This process is called Java Sending Email. Java provides ┬áJavaMail API to facilitate email sending process. There are various methods to send emails in Java. Most programming languages like python, provide tools to send emails. The prerequisites needed for sending emails in java … Read more

Java Serialization

Java Serialization is a process of object serialization. In Java serialization, an object is represented as a sequence of bytes. This sequence of bytes is called byte stream. This sequence of bytes hold information about the object. This information includes the data of object and further type of that data. The purpose of Java serialization … Read more

Java Generics

Java Generics is the method or class that can be used to on the parameter of different types like int. char, string etc. They are called parameterized types. For example there can be a sort generic that sorts an array of integers, characters and strings depending on the input. Hence Generics provide the feature of … Read more

Java Multithreading

Java is a multithreaded programming language. Java multithreading refers to having multiple threads that can run concurrently (at the same time). It is also know as Concurrency in Java. Each thread is a single executable piece of code that runs parallelly to other threads. Life cycle of a thread A life cycle of a thread … Read more

Java Break and Continue

Java break and continue statements are jump statements that ignore some piece of code and jump to the next piece of code. These keywords are used inside loops like while, do while loops and switch statements. Java Break Java break statement is used in switch statements. The break keyword breaks the loop and jumps out … Read more