Java Keywords

In Java programming language, there are some keywords. The keywords are reserved words that have a special meaning and perform specific tasks. Note that these keywords cannot be used to name a constant or a variable as these are reserved words. In this case java compiler will show error. Here is a list of keywords … Read more

Java Variables

Java variables are containers that contain different values. A variable has three basic attributes by which it is recognized. A variable has a name, data type and a memory location. Variables are used to store memory locations with a name. The initial value of a variable can change while the execution of program. Create a … Read more

Java Data Types

Each variable in Java has a java data type. The java data type controls what kind of value can be saved in the variable like integers decimal, character etc. The operating system allocates space for the variable based on its data type. Java data types can be divided in two groups: Primitive Data Types Non … Read more

Java Strings

Java Strings is a non primitive data type that stores sequence of characters. It is used to store text or sentences in a variable. Strings are written in double quotes (“”). Java String Class In Java programming language there is class called String that helps to create and manipulate strings. Java strings are arrays of … Read more

Java Tutorial

This Java tutorial has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand the basic to advanced concepts related to Java Programming language. Java is one of the most used programming languages in the world. It is a high level programming language developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. It now comes under Oracle. More than … Read more

Java Comments

In all programming languages including Java, Comments are statements and sentences in a code that have no impact on the functionality of code. They are ignored by Java compiler. The purpose of adding comments to a code is to increase the readability of code. And to get a better understanding of working of the code. … Read more

Java Arrays

Java array is a data structure that stores elements of the same type. Arrays contain a sequence of elements. All the elements of an array can be stored in a single variable. For instance there comes a situation, where programmer needs to create a series of elements, then instead of creating individual variable for each … Read more

Java Setup

The Java development kit JDK lets the programmer to write and run code in Java language. It is a high level programming language. The latest version of Java is available at Oracle. Programmer can download it from there. Its latest version is Java SE 16. Programmer can also install the previous versions of java as … Read more

Java Syntax

Java syntax is similar to that of C and C++ programming languages. It is a high level programming that is based on OOP object oriented programming. It uses classes and objects. So a code in Java language is a combination of objects and classes. These object communicate with each other to perform different functions. Each … Read more

Java Objects and Classes

Java objects and classes are fundamental features of programming. Java is object oriented programming OOP language. Each executable program in java has a class. The class further contains methods and attributes. For example, in real life vehicle is a class and the types of vehicles like car, truck, bike etc. are objects of vehicle class. … Read more