Three best practices when moving from ARM templates to Bicep files

In previous articles, we’ve been working on deploying solutions using Bicep, the Domain Specific Language (DSL) for deploying Azure resources declaratively. This article will review three best practices you can adopt when transitioning from ARM templates into Bicep files. While there’s some familiar syntax in ARM templates and Bicep, I strongly recommend you check the … Read more

?Using Infrastructure-As-Code to deploy Azure Sentinel + Watchlists to lower IP false positives | by Dave R – Microsoft Azure MVP☁️ | CodeX | Oct, 2021

This article intends to show you how to deploy the resources needed to deploy Azure Sentinel and a Watchlist using Infrastructure-As-Code so that you can investigate threats and respond to incidents. Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native security information and event manager (SIEM) platform that uses built-in AI to help analyze large volumes of data across … Read more

How to Save Custom Data in Image Files

An image is worth a thousand words, but what happens if you have custom data that doesn’t fit into an image model? Can that data be part of an image file? It sure can! And in this blog post, I’ll introduce the common data you find in images and then show how you can embed … Read more

What Is Text Shaping and Why Do We Do It?

Rendering text on a screen seems straightforward at first glance. You just put one character after the next one and ? — you have text! If only it were this simple. Where does the next character actually go? This is easy to answer for monospaced fonts: Each glyph is the same width. But what about … Read more

How to use a Low-code platform with a Workflow Engine for rapid Business Process Automation. | by Gawie Yssel | CodeX | Sep, 2021

A practical example of using Workflow and Low-code for process automation. I recently discovered the open-source workflow engine Camunda after one of our customers mentioned using it with our low-code product, Linx. After looking through Camunda’s documentation, I realized that it could be a perfect partner for Linx. Workflow (or Business Process Management) software generally … Read more

Is it worth learning Java in 2021?

Some reasons to show you why should consider learning Java now In the IT world, where everything changes every day, is very often to be involved in discussions about which technology is better. One of the most common topics is related to programming languages, which one is newer, which one has better performance, why you … Read more

Forgot/Reset Password in Node js + Express + MySQL

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of sending a reset password link via email in a Node.js + Express + MySQL application using Nodemailer. We’ll also cover how to reset/update the password in the application using the sent reset password link. If you’ve already created a login and registration application using Node.js … Read more