C++ Keywords

C++ Keywords are predefined phrases that have a meaning and perform specific tasks. These are some reserved words which have specific meanings and are known to compiler. These keywords can not be used as variables. The details of the C++ keywords are given in the list below.

asm auto bool break case
catch char class const const_cast
continue default delete do double
dynamic_cast else enum explicit export
extern false float for friend
goto if inline int long
mutable namespace new operator private
protected public register reinterpret_cast return
short signed sizeof static static_cast
struct switch template this throw
true try typedef typeid typename
union unsigned using virtual void
volatile wchar_t while

These keywords include data types and built in functions. Remember that variable should not have a name same as a keyword. In this case compiler raises an error. For example, in the below code , int is a keyword that defines a variable var of data type int.

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