C++ Constants

Constants C++ Constants are actually like fixed variables. Their value is declared in the beginning and cannot be altered afterward. In the C++ programming language, Constants are basically fixed values. These values are unchangeable throughout the program. These are also called Literals. C++ Constants Data types C++ constants have the same data types as C++ … Read more

C++ File Handling

C++ programming language provides the capability to handle files through the code. Other than printing the results on the console programmer can also save results or read data from files. This is called C++ file handling. For this purpose, C++ programming language has fstream library. It is used along with iostream library. The syntax is: … Read more

C++ Operators

C++ Operators are special symbols that are used to operate different mathematical and logical operations. These operations are performed on variables and constants. These variables and constants are called Operands. Operators help to solve mathematical equations. There are different types of operators used in the C++ programming language. Following are their types: Assignment Operators Extended-Assignment … Read more