RWD Frameworks

RWD Frameworks are structure for supporting or enclosing something else, especially a skeletal support used as the basis for something being constructed.. Frameworks are based on precompiled CSS and common HTML that provide a structure, a framework for your website.

RWD Frameworks

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Time saver: Using a framework could obviously save a lot of time. A framework generally comes with predefined styles and rules, such as the width of the gird, the button styles, font sizes, form styles, CSS reset, and other aspects to build a website.

Community and extension: A popular framework will most likely have an active community that extends the framework functionality.

Cross browser compatibility: This task of assuring how the web page is displayed on different browsers is a really painful one. With a framework, we can minimize this hurdle.

Documentation: A good framework also comes with documentation.


Bootstrap is packed with styled user interface components of commonly-used interfaces on a website, such as buttons, navigation, pagination, and forms. Beyond that, Bootstrap is also powered with some custom jQuery plugins, such as a tab, carousel, popover, and modal box.

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