HTML Tutorial

HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) is the most commonly and widely used language to write webpages. It is being widely used to format web pages with the avail of different tags available in HTML language. Basically it is known as backbone of webpages. Hypertext is a text available on a webpage that links the webpages together. It is … Read more

jQuery Ajax Form Submit with FormData Example

jQuery Ajax submit multipart form or FormData; In this tutorila, you will learn how to submit the form using the jquery ajax with multi-part data or FromData. In this tutorial, learn jquery ajax form submits with the form data step by step. A simple jQuery Ajax example to show you how to submit a multipart … Read more


The way data is streamed from the server to the client is standardized by SSE(server-sent events).The SSE API is used for automatic updates of web page from server. Prior SSE API the web page have to check, if there were any updates available, but with SSE API the updates come automatically. SSE API: Check Browser … Read more

HTML Using Notepad++

It is text based html editor. Web pages can be designed using professional editors like sublime, VS Code. However for learning html is better to use simple text editor like Notepad++ . Following are steps to create webpage using notepad++: Step 1: Open Notepad++ First of all open notepad++ on your PC, if you do … Read more

HTML Web Worker API

Scripts in HTML pages cause the page to become unresponsive until the script is completely executed, which effects the performance of the page. HTML Web Worker is fast and easy way for web content to run the scripts in the background. Tasks can be performed by the web worker threads without interfering with the user … Read more

HTML Web Storage API

In prior html5 versions the application data could be stored using cookies only, but html5 introduced web storage API. HTML web storage API is used to store and retrieve data locally in the user’s browser in form of key/value pairs just like cookies but, it is better than cookies because it is more secure and … Read more

HTML Drag and Drop API

HTML drag and drop API is used for dragging an element from a location and dropping it to another location. The element can be dropped on another application. This API is very useful to copy, delete or reorder html elements by few mouse clicks only. Lets discuss few drag and drop events below to understand … Read more

HTML Layout

HTML layout is used to display the web content in multiple columns just like a magazine and newspaper. It is basically a part of designing that deals with arrangement of visual components of webpage. For optimum effectiveness, the layout establishes the overall appearances of page to achieve a smooth flow of information. Note: The html … Read more

HTML Canvas Graphics

For drawing the HTML Canvas Graphics on webpage HTML <canvas> element is used along with this JavaScript is used as well. Basically canvas is rectangular area in webpage. By default it has no content and border. HTML Canvas Graphics: Syntax Note: The id attribute should be given so that it can be further used to … Read more

HTML Geolocation API

To locate the position of html geolocation API is used, it is done through different data collection mechanisms. Generally this API is used for restaurants and local businesses. It is device specific API, So browser/device geolocation support is must in order to use it. Note: For privacy reasons, user is asked for permission to allow … Read more