HTML Citation and Quotation

HTML citation and quotation are essential elements of website for content writing. Some of following html elements are used for quotation and citation of webpage.

HTML Citation and Quotation Tags

<q>Defines a short inline quotation
<blockquote>Defines a section quoted from other source
<cite>Defines title of work
<abbr>Defines an abbreviation
<address>Defines Contact information for owner or author of document
<bdo>Define text direction
Quotation and Citation Elements

Before moving ahead lets see what quotation and citation is? It is quite simple quotation use exact words from author while in citation the idea of author is expressed using different words.

HTML <Q> Element

For defining short quotation html <q> element is used. If you want to insert double quotation within a sentence than <q> tag is used it has both opening and closing tag.

<p>WHO goals are<q>health, responsiveness, and fairness in financing</q></p>
HTML Citation and Quotation

HTML <blockquote> Element

For defining a section which is quoted from any other source <blockquote> element is used. Browser typically indent the element written within <blockquote>tag.

<p>Browser typically indent the element written within blockquote tag.</p>
<blockquote>Our aim is to improve the valuation of health system goals. To do so, we first unify literature on health system goals, equity, and process utility to create the underpinnings of a theoretical framework for health system evaluation. Second, we review previous approaches to deriving relative weights for health system goals.</blockquote> 

Note: Blockquote element should be used for quotation only rather than for decorative purpose, because it can grab the attention of user and will really confuse the user.

HTML <cite> Element

For defining the title of any creative work html <cite> element is used. The content written within <cite> tag is italicized by default.

<p>The book <cite>The Castle</cite> by Franz Kalka</p>

Note: Author/Person name does not come in title of work.

HTML <abbr> Element

For defining the abbreviation of any text html <abbr> element is used. The title attribute within <abbr> element gives the description about the element written within <abbr> tag whenever we place the cursor over the element.

<p><abbr title="search engine optimization">SEO</abbr></p>

Try the code and place cursor on SEO to know its full form.

HTML <address> Element

For defining contact information of author/owner of webpage or document <address> tag is used. This information includes email, address, contact number, social media or URL etc. Usually, the content written within <address> tag is italicized by default and a line break is added before and after it by browser.

Written by Petter.<br> 
Visit us at:<br><br>
Box 600, Disney<br>

HTML <bdo> Element

For bi-directional override html <bdo> element is used. Basically it is used for overriding the current text direction. For this we use dir attribute within <bdo> element.

<bdo dir="rtl">right to left</bdo>