HTML Using Notepad++

It is text based html editor.

Web pages can be designed using professional editors like sublime, VS Code. However for learning html is better to use simple text editor like Notepad++ .

Following are steps to create webpage using notepad++:

Step 1: Open Notepad++

First of all open notepad++ on your PC, if you do not have notepad++, than simply download it.

Your opening page looks like this:


Step 2: Write basic html

You can simply write basic html code in above opened file.

Notepad 2

You can visit basic html document to learn more .

Step 3: Save HTML Page

Now save the file on your computer, you can simply save it through ctrl + S , or you can click on file on left top corner and than, select Sava as and save the file with .html extension by selecting Hyper Text Markup from the drop down.

image 13

Step 4: View HTML Page in Browser

Open the HTML file in your preferred browser (double click on the file, or right-click – and choose “Open with”).

View HTML Page in Browser

This is the final result.

image 15

Try it Yourself

You can try it by yourself (using tutorials art editor) by clicking on try it.

<!DOCTYPE html>


<p>Welcome to tutorials art</p>


Visit HTML Editors to learn about basic editors types.

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