HTML Multimedia

HTML Multimedia

HTML Multimedia is visual representation of audio, video, movies and animation on web. Basically multimedia is anything you can see or hear. Webpage also contain numerous styles and formats of multimedia element.

Example: audio, video, pictures, films, animations, graphics and many more.

Browser Support

In Early ages web browsers only provide text support without providing text fonts and colors than later on browsers provide support for colors, fonts and various media.

HTML Multimedia Format

As for different files there are different file extension like for html file we have .html, So multimedia elements are also stored in different formats and extensions.

Example: Multimedia files have different extensions like .mp3, .mp4, .png, .wav and many more.

Note: Many media files are not supported by all browsers but there are few multimedia formats that are supported by all browsers.

Lets see some common html tags for html media:

HTML Media Tags

<audio>It defines sound content
<video>It defines video or movie
<object>It defines embedded object within html page.
<embed>It also define embedded object within html page.