PHP File Handling

PHP File handling is necessary for any web application. For particular tasks, you will frequently need to open and process a file.

Uses of PHP File

The following are some of the contexts in which we can need files in our web apps.

  • Data is frequently saved in JSON files, and PHP code must read the file before displaying the data on a web page.
  • Data is saved in files rather than a database in certain small applications.
  • You may need to prepare a file for users to download in some web applications; in this case, Php code will create a file, write data to it, and then allow users to download it.

PHP File Handling Functions

There are numerous functions in PHP that may be used to work with regular files such as  for creating, reading, uploading, and editing files.

Those functions are:

fopen()This function is used to open a file.
fread() After opening a file this function is used for reading a file.
fwrite() Text can be written in the file using this function.
fclose()This function is used for closing a file.

Note: When working with files, be mindful!

If you make a mistake, you can cause a lot of harm. Editing the wrong file, loading a hard disc with trash material, and deleting the content of a file by accident are all common mistakes.

The coming chapters will teach you more about working with files.