Requirement for PHP Installation

  • First you have to find out a web host of PHP. Then, you will require a MySQL support.
  • So, install a web server and after that PHP and MYSQL on your PC.

Above we discussed some important things that are most important requirement for PHP installation.

XAMPP Software

XAMPP Software is a 3 in one package for the users who wants to learn and use PHP language practically. Because, we have to require a PHP Parser, a Web Server and a Database to use this PHP Language. But as XAMPP stands for a cross-platform with Apache Web Server and MYSQL Database using PERL scripting language for the PHP Installation.


  • XAMPP is very easy to use and free to Download for your PC ;
  • Its the most widely used open server.
  • Its control panel helps you to stop and continue the Server and Database.
  • It is best for the management of the files created in it.
  • Available for all type of Operating Systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

IDE or PHP Code Editor

  • An IDE is a self-contained package which allows you to conveniently write, compile, run and debug the code in it.
  • This editor is very distinct from other editors like NetBeans IDE, Eclipse IDE and PyStorm IDE etc. due to its all in one qualities.
  • Also it will open your text in its local host page of Apache.