PHP-OOP is more efficient and simpler to use.

PHP -What is OOP?

Object-oriented programming is about constructing objects that include both data and functions, whereas procedural programming is about developing procedures or functions that perform actions on the data.

There are various advantages of OOP over procedural programming:

  • OOP programmes have a clear structure.
  • It is more efficient and simpler to use.
  • OOP makes it easier to maintain, alter, and debug PHP code by keeping it DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself).
  • OOP allows developers to construct fully reusable apps with less code and in less time.

Tip: The “Don’t Repeat Yourself” (DRY) principle aims to reduce the amount of code that is repeated. Instead of repeating the same code, you should isolate the common code for the program and save it in a single location.

Objects and Classes in OOP

OOP is a programming style that is built on the concept of classes and objects.

Let’s look at the differences between Object and Class:

Class Object
A class is an independent set of variables and functions that interact to complete one or more tasks.Individual instances of a class are called objects.
A logical entity is a class.A physical entity is referred to as an object.

Learn more about OOP Class and Object in the next chapter.