C# Syntax:

As we know C# is an object-oriented programming language. Like other OOP languages, the C# program also consists of objects to interact with other actions called Methods. Some objects having same kind are said to be in same class

The basic C# program syntax is given below:


using System;

namespace syntax
    public class Program
       public static void Main(string[] args)
             Console.WriteLine("C# Syntax!");


Using Keyword: The first statement in C# program is known as the “using Keyword”. In C# program this keyword is used to include the namespaces. A C# program can have more tha one using statements.
using System;
Class Keyword: This is used to declare a class in C# program.


In C# syntax comments are used to explain code. Comments are ignored by the compiler.

Single-line comments are indicated by the ‘//’ symbol.
}//end class syntax
Multiple comments start with /* and terminate with the characters */ .
/* The basic structure of
adding multiple comments in 
single program */

Member Functions:

Statements used to perform specific tasks are known as Functions. We declare the member functions in the class.

Member Variables:

Attributes or data members of a class are known as Variables. Variables are used to store data.