Loops in R

Loops are executed with a block of code as long as a specified condition is reached. Loops in R are convenient and time-saving, mitigate errors, and make code easy to read.

There may be a time come when you need to execute the block of code many numbers times. Normally statements are executed in sequence. First comes first execute and followed by the second and so on. Programming languages provide different control structures that permit several complex execution paths.

A loop statement permit to execution of a statement or cluster of statements several times and the following is the common form of a loop statement in most programming languages.

Loops in R
Flowchart of Loops in R

Types of Loops in R

R provides the different kinds of loops to handle looping requirements. Have a look at the below detail:

Sr #Detail & type of Loops in R
1repeat loop
Execution of sequential of statements several times and the abbreviated code that manages the loop variables
2while loop
It checks the condition before the execution of a statement or group of statements.
3for loop
For loop, condition check at the end of the loop body, unlike the while statement.
Type of loops in R