XML File in R

XML is also a markup language that stands for extensible markup language like HTML. Which contains markups tags. You read the XML file in R by installing the XML package.

This package can be installed using the following command.

Creating XML file

Create an XML file by copying the below data into a text editor like notepad. Save the file with a .xml extension and choosing the file type as all files(*.*).

Reading XML File in R

The xmlparse() is used to read the XML file. It is stored as an R list. In the below example we will read the file that we saved above.


XML File in R

Writing into XML File in R

We can write the data into an XML file using the below process:

Extracting information about the XML file in R

In an XML file, different operations can be performed. There are built-in functions in R that are used to perform operations on XML files. Following are some operations that can be performed on XML file:

Get Number of Nodes Present in XML File

Details of the First Node

Have a look at the first record of the parsed file.

Get Different Elements of a Node

XML to Data Frame Conversion

To handle a large amount of data in the XML file as a data frame we read the data.

As the data is now available as a data frame we can use data frame-related functions to read and manipulate the file.