R Visualization

Visually appealing data visualizations can be created by writing few lines of code. We use the diverse functions of R visualization as an efficient technique for gaining insight into data through a visual medium. A human can easily get information about hidden patterns in data that might be neglected.

We can work with a large amount of datasets to efficiently get key insight using the R visualization techniques.

R Visualization Packages

R provides a series of packages for data visualization. These packages are as follows:

R visualization Packages
R visualization Packages

1) plotly

The plotly package provides interactive and quality graphs online. This package extends upon the JavaScript library ?plotly.js.

2) ggplot2

You can create graphics declaratively in R programming. The ggplot package is used for this purpose in R programming.

3) tidyquant

For carrying out quantitative financial analysis the tidyquant package is used. Tidyverse universe as a financial package is added up that is used for visualizing, importing, and visualizing the data.

4) taucharts

In taucharts, data plays an important role. This library provides a declarative environment for rapid mapping of data fields to visual properties.

5) ggiraph

This tool allows you to create dynamic ggplot graphs. It also allows us to add JavaScript actions, tooltips, and animations to the graphics.

6) geofacets

This package allows geofaceting functionality for ‘ggplot2’.  The geofacting sort a sequence of plots for different geographical entities into a grid that preserves some of the geographical orientation.

7) googleVis

This provides the environment between Google’s chart tools and R. You can create web pages with interactive charts based on R data frames, with the help of this package.

8) RColorBrewer

As denoted with the name, this package provides color schemes for maps and other graphics.

9) dygraphs

The dygraphs
provide rich features for charting time-series data in R.

10) shiny

In R programming you can develop interactive and aesthetically pleasing webs apps by providing a shiny package. This package consists of different extensions with HTML widgets, CSS and JavaScript.